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One thing I’ve learned from spending 72 straight hours with a 5 year-old … There is nothing like the unadulterated joy of a child. It makes you smile in spite yourself. It makes the world seem just a little bit sunnier. It makes me want to be a kid again.


Douchey or brilliant?

I just listened to a guy explain his code for saving numbers on his phone. He puts a slice of pizza next to some girls’ names, usually the ones he meets in bars, girls who offer him their numbers without him having to actually work for it. Here’s his rationale behind using pizza, in his own words.

“It’s not going to be the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten. It’s not terrible, but if you want it, you can have it. You can probably have it at your house in about 30 minutes or less.”

Okay, yeah, it’s kinda douchey. But also honest and rather amusing.

So I started swimming again recently and it occurs to me that I encounter many WTF moments at the pool. Contemplating documenting them here. For now, let me just share this little gem about the woman who felt compelled to groom her lady parts not in the private shower stalls (or you know, in the privacy of her own home) but standing in front of the outside showers in full view. Maybe I’m more modest than I thought but really, I don’t need to be that familiar with a stranger’s personal grooming habits. She did seem rather proud though.

The Uncommon Adventures of a Girl Named Buttons: The First Button

A little girl, pale and delicate, walked with fleeting steps along the bridge. In one hand, she held a single blue balloon. The other lightly brushed the railing as she walked. A breeze ruffled her hair. The balloon swayed gently. Continue reading “The Uncommon Adventures of a Girl Named Buttons: The First Button”

Animated Shorts Everyone Should Experience

Not all great feats of animation require the breadth of a feature length piece. Shorts can be equally brilliant in their brevity.

|| In compiling this list, I’ve come to realize my affinity for stories that can be told with minimal dialogue. || Continue reading “Animated Shorts Everyone Should Experience”

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