I used to ask this question at random..just to see what people would say. I’ve found that as we become progressively and exponentially more technologically advanced, the answers tend to take longer for some people, requiring greater consideration.

If you could only choose one, which would you rather have: music or the Internet?

And I mean ONLY ONE. Forever.

If you choose the Internet, there would be no going on pandora, youtube, spotify, or the myriad of other music sites in order to get your fix. There would literally be no music in your life. No humming or singing..no soundtrack for movies..no impromptu sing-a-longs on roadtrips. No music. Period. That doesn’t mean music would cease to exist; it just means it wouldn’t exist for you. Even if someone were singing directly into your ear, you would not be able to process or recognize it as music. (Can you tell I’ve given this a lot of thought?)

If you choose music, your daily life would revert to pre-Internet days, which evidently goes back to the 1950s. Actually, not quite that far back; you’d still be able to use computers and other modern electronics, so long as accessing the Internet isn’t a prerequisite. I realize this poses a huge, potentially life-altering obstacle for some people.

For me, the answer is easy. I guess it shouldn’t but I still find myself a little surprised when people take a while to consider the options before choosing. It surprises me even more when they willingly give up music in favor of the Internet. Because while being able to access the Internet opens up virtually infinite possibilities, I would never trade having music in my life for any of it.

Music is what keeps me sane and balanced. It’s what makes the happy moments brighter and provides catharsis for the times when life isn’t as great as we hoped. The idea of giving it up was never a possibility.

I’m not saying giving up the Internet would be a walk in the park either. But people have lived and functioned quite successfully—even happily—without the Internet for far longer than they have without music. Music is integrated into our lives in more ways than we realize. Imagine seeing a movie with no soundtrack. I don’t think Lloyd Dobbler would have had quite so iconic a moment without music. Imagine long, solitary runs. Imagine first dances and lullabies. Imagine jamming on your guitar with friends. Imagine heartbroken nights in the dark comfort of your room with the speakers on full blast. Imagine day long concerts in the park basking in the sunshine and reveling in a mutual joy.

Imagine all that without music.

For me it’s about quality of life. I admit to relying heavily on the Internet for my daily life and work, but if I had to, I’d eventually adjust to being without it. I would never—could never—adjust to being without music. Ever. I would be cranky and miserable everyday. My enjoyment of all things would be severely diminished. It just wouldn’t be pretty.

When I tell people that I am never without music, it’s without hyperbole. I might leave my phone or wallet at home; some days I might even forget my keys.

But my music…that I will always have.