Sometimes I think about random things. Often at the oddest times and quite unexpectedly.

I was riding in the elevator today and there was one other person riding with me. When I stepped in, we both said hello. When I stepped off, she said goodbye. Then I said goodbye.  And that was the entirety of our interaction.

As I was walking away, it occurred to me that this happens all the time in the course of a person’s life and we  don’t often give it a second thought. How many singular encounters do we have each day, with people who fleetingly enter our lives for one brief moment..never to be seen or remembered again? That alone makes me in awe of the relationships we cultivate..the ones that aren’t ephemeral..the ones that we mean to last and work hard to make meaningful. How many of those would have remained a transitory blip if we hadn’t given it more than a passing thought?