Nerdery: 11.06.2014

~The Internet is full of interesting stuff~
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The Oatmeal gives us a lesson in love.

Science debunks possibly the most gruesome scene from Game of Thrones to date. And that’s saying a lot. (Spoiler alert, obviously.)

There’s a black market for everything. Including enough dinosaur fossils to populate an entire museum.

It’s finally happened. Humans brought a new rock into existence, and our contribution to the Earth’s geologic history is part plastic.

According to Douglas Adams, 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. Why do some numbers seem to have more meaning for us than others? “…our feelings for these digits may all come down to some serious, subconscious inner-math…a deeply human arithmetic.”

Expressions of cognitive behaviors such as remorse or regret were once thought to be unique to humans. Not anymore.

How memories are made

Half a Billion Years of Suicide

Finally. Researchers take a look at how human behavior shapes energy use.

Meet the clingerfish, which can support up to 300 times its own weight…with a belly sucker.

Watch test subjects launched with ejector seats, and cats and birds try to orient themselves in zero gravity in this documentary on early bioastronautics research.


Amazon’s new phone is a shopping powerhouse with 3D browsing, augmented reality, and indoor GPS

Picfair Raises $520K To Take On Getty With An Image Marketplace

Supercomputer passes the Turing test by mimicking a teenager. Not yet truly sentient, but getting closer. Or, did we speak too soon?

This article recommends use for the ride home after a night of drunken debauchery. For more sober applications, seems like it’ll work fabulously for those early morning commutes or the last bus home after the night shift as well.

Spotting drunk drivers from a distance. With lasers.

Tetris turns 30. In honor of this milestone, here’s a great compilation of the different ways this little game has infiltrated pop culture.

Pretty badass. This guy built a working Stargate in Minecraft.

An attempt at satire becomes an unexpected learning experience for one Twitter user.

Would a Google car sacrifice you for the sake of the many?

Yeah, I get it. It’s not efficient. It’s not practical for real world applications. Others have attempted similar methods before without success. But you know what? I’m still encouraged that a 15 year-old is even willing to consider a solution to the problem of energy production, to the extent of building a working prototype of his concept. What else is he capable of? The potential, at least, is promising.

So I can get started planning my first trip into suborbital space then?

See this amazing video of an actual star bursting in space, taken over four years by the Hubble telescope.


The 20-year-old Kafka’s thoughts on books and reading

LEGO Gets Told Off by a Seven-Year-Old Girl, and it is brilliant.

The 60 words that became the foundation for the “war on terror”

That posture actually applies to many things that demand utmost concentration.

Yes, I do wish that. I also wish that this brief appearance lasted longer than 3 strips.

Audra McDonald makes Tony history. Twice. In the same night.

See the ways in which dystopian predictions have been realized in the real world.

In case you need a little something to tide you over between Game of Thrones seasons

The ability to successfully navigate a minefield of Jedi mind tricks may be the one skill you need to ace that next interview.

Here’s an idea on how to pass the time if you’re ever trapped alone in an airport overnight. This guy rules.

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