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Random Musings

Douchey or brilliant?

I just listened to a guy explain his code for saving numbers on his phone. He puts a slice of pizza next to some girls’ names, usually the ones he meets in bars, girls who offer him their numbers without him having to actually work for it. Here’s his rationale behind using pizza, in his own words.

“It’s not going to be the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten. It’s not terrible, but if you want it, you can have it. You can probably have it at your house in about 30 minutes or less.”

Okay, yeah, it’s kinda douchey. But also honest and rather amusing.


You Are Who You Are When No One’s Looking

Hypothetical situations are an interesting thing. They’re fun to talk about because they give us an opportunity to pretend, to muse, to imagine the possibilities. Talking about what we would do in a given scenario without actually doing it is freeing in that there are virtually no discernible consequences, except maybe to reveal a little about the person you really are: the person you are when no one’s looking. Continue reading “You Are Who You Are When No One’s Looking”

Acrophobia…or is it?

Confession: I have a fear of heights. Or at least I thought I did. Anything higher than a two-story building would usually induce a not-insignificant amount of anxiety. It’s been this way as long as I can remember and I never thought to question whether it was actual fear of heights that I was feeling, or something else. Continue reading “Acrophobia…or is it?”

A Bowlful of Lies: The Truth About Froot Loops

I think I always knew this. I knew it but suppressed it somewhere deep, deep down because I didn’t want to admit that my childhood memories were concocted from commercially perpetuated falsehoods. Continue reading “A Bowlful of Lies: The Truth About Froot Loops”

The Ultimate Tearjerker of All Time (thus far…)

I’m not one of those girls who cries at movies. I mean, I have cried at movies…just not very often. Why is that? Is it the whole suspension of disbelief thing? Maybe. Oftentimes I just can’t seem to muster sufficient empathy for characters I know don’t really exist. Continue reading “The Ultimate Tearjerker of All Time (thus far…)”

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