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So I started swimming again recently and it occurs to me that I encounter many WTF moments at the pool. Contemplating documenting them here. For now, let me just share this little gem about the woman who felt compelled to groom her lady parts not in the private shower stalls (or you know, in the privacy of her own home) but standing in front of the outside showers in full view. Maybe I’m more modest than I thought but really, I don’t need to be that familiar with a stranger’s personal grooming habits. She did seem rather proud though.


A Bowlful of Lies: The Truth About Froot Loops

I think I always knew this. I knew it but suppressed it somewhere deep, deep down because I didn’t want to admit that my childhood memories were concocted from commercially perpetuated falsehoods. Continue reading “A Bowlful of Lies: The Truth About Froot Loops”

Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

I read this in a book once: “Sometimes it seems the universe wants to be noticed.” In my case, this sentiment is most apparent whenever I get behind the wheel of a car. I think the universe occasionally likes to send me a reminder that it’s watching..always watching. Continue reading “Objects Are Closer Than They Appear”

Awkward Moments: Public Restrooms

I don’t know what it is about public restrooms but I get into an inordinate amount of awkward situations in them. I get into a fair amount of awkward situations in general but lately it seems like a disproportionate number of them happen in public restrooms. Why is that? Is it due to a lack of maintenance that the locks fail to function properly? Or was the person occupying the stall in such a hurry to get to their business that they didn’t have time to lock the door?

Whatever the reason, I have caught a lot of people with their pants down. Literally. Continue reading “Awkward Moments: Public Restrooms”

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